LED Lamp With Tri Colour . 6500K & 4000K & 3000K

We are all a little bit undecided when we have to choose the right colour temperature for our lights. Even if we make the right choice, there are days that we really want to change our lights but this is going to cost another set of bulbs. The new Tri colour LED lamp provides two different colours within one source. No special switches are required to change the colour temperature. The innovative LED Lighitng technology chnages the colour wit a standard switch. Just double click your ordinary switch you will have Natural white for work-mode and ultra warm white for relax-mode (let's say while you are watching TV or having your dinner.
From functional to emotional
The Tri Color LED lamp achieves optimum lighting depending on day-to-day requirements.  When you are wokring at home or you need more stimulating light, 4000K (natural white) is the perfect solution. By double clicking the switch, you convert the working enviroment to a relaxing, cozy lighting ambience with warm white temperature. 
Do you need more relaxing light? 
The Tri Color LED lamp from Lightamigo offers the perfect lighting for comfort applications. Warm white 2700K is recommended by ophthalmologist and opticians as the friendliest and most comfortable light for our eyes.
Sustainable light
The compact shape of the lamp offer in addition to its innovative features  excellent light quality and an outstanding light distribution with the widest beam angle. Up to 80% energy savings in combination with  25,000 hours life span make our lighting solutions the most attractive in the market. To find out more or buy some for your house/hotel/office, please visit our website